If you have any questions about membership, such as “How do I transfer to Chapter 55?” or “How do I apply for Life Membership?” or “How do I catch up on my dues payments?” and so forth, please contact our Chapter Treasurer at

Click here for a New Member Application form


Click here for a Membership Renewal form

Mail annual membership renewals for coming year after 1 October.  Dues received after 31 January require an additional $5 fee as explained on form.  Form SFA-02 is completed similarly as for membership application noted below.

Fill out the Membership form. Click on the type of membership for which you qualify and the “tab” through the form to access the information fields. The “State” field on the form requires the use of the two letter postal code. After you complete the application use the print function in adobe reader to print out the completed form for signing. Send the completed application to the Treasurer at the address indicated on the form, along with your check and copies of the required documentation of SF service.

Or, you may visit the national website and do the whole thing on line.