Mail Room

How to Obtain Member Email Services:

Chapter LV offers two forms of free email services for its members:

Email Account – Consists of a chapter address and full email services.  An account provides a mailbox which collects and stores messages sent to the member until they are read and deleted.  Email accounts may be configured to automatically forward messages to another email address.  However, messages will continue to accumulate in the mailbox as well.  Therefore, members must monitor and periodically delete accumulated messages.  Email accounts are recommended for members who either do not have an email account with another service provider or for those willing to make the effort to maintain multiple accounts.

Forwarding Link – Consists of only a chapter address which forwards messages to another email account service provider designated by the member.  Forwarding links do not provide email services or a mailbox in which messages can accumulate.  Forwarding links require no monitoring or maintenance on the part of the member.  Forwarding links are recommended for those members who have an existing email account with another service provider.

To obtain a Chapter LV email account or forwarding link, send your request to:

Notice:  There are two common reasons for not receiving email from the Chapter:  Your dues are not paid; or, we don’t have your civilian email address on file.

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How to Get Additional Information:

Contact Chapter LV by email at: