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The Michael May Memorial Sign to be displayed at the Vassar High School Athletic Field is scheduled to be completed nlt Friday 10-21-2022. This will complete the trifecta of projects that we as a chapter have contributed to. The first project was getting a display set up at the MIHEROES Museum in Frankenmuth, MI. They rotate displays every 6 months so we should make an effort to go see it soon. The second project was the shadow box display at the Cork and Pine Restaurant in Vassar, MI. It has been updated to reflect Michael’s awards and decorations retrieved from U.S. Army records. This was spearheaded and paid for by Cindi and Jim Atwood. The third project is the sign to be placed at the entrance of the athletic field of Vassar H.S. It has a cost of around $2700 of which we donated over $1900. Thank you to everyone that contributed when I requested donations.

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