Recon Two Complete

On Monday, 07 May 2018, SFA-LV Scholarship Committee was to have presented a scholarship to a Graduating senior at Vassar High School in Vassar, MI.  RT Gullett (for this ride: Richard, Jon, Tammy and Kirk, Ron Herstein, and Dewey) were going to ride bikes to this activity.   However, school was cancelled due to storm damage to computers and telephones.   So, RT Gullett members elected to ride that way anyway; we stopped in picturesque Frankenmuth at the Frandenmuth Brewery for dinner.  Following dinner we elected to ride to Vassar for a recon, and, since we were already there, we stopped at the Atwood Ranch to visit Jim and Cindi (they were not at home).  We brought the scenic route from Vassar back to intersection of I-74 and M-57, where we dispersed to our respective quarters.







Left to right: Jon Luker; Kirk and Tammy, Dewey, and Richard






Left to right: Jon Luker; Tammy, Richard, Kirk, and Ron Herstein

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