Member Activities

Member Activities

Member’s photos from Special Forces Association activities and other veteran/military related events.

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2017 National Convention

Don Bruce, Kirk, Tammy and Barb

Trudy, Dave, Tammy, Kirk, Al Motos, with wife, Maria, at Sicliy DZ.  Al and Kirk served together.

Norm and Billy, originally from Michigan, with Kirk and Dave

Dave and Sally

Dave with Chuck Pesta, who, we discovered, worked with Dave’s brother for 30 years at Anheiser-Busch

Jason Schrader, Dave, Bill and Kirk at the banquet

Tammy and Kirk looking good

Trudy and Dave prior to the banquet

Trudy having 18 Delta, Mark Osborn, removing stiches from her nose.

At the picnic, Dave reminds Trudy that he knows his place.

Alicia and Dave during hotel fire alarm

Tibor Bierbaum, Trudy, Dave, Alicia and Richard

Kirk Newman with his friend, Tammy, at Sicily DZ

Dave, SF E-8 Ed Ubinas, Kirk at the PX on Flag Day.


Here is a project Dave Fetters just finished.  He began with brass casings to which he added lead shot and sand.  He then made projectiles to fit.  The reproductions are (left to right) 30mm, 308, 50 cal, 30mm.

Amazing.  The GAU-8/A 30mm Gatling gun in the A-10 Thunderbolt can send 3,900 of those things toward a target in a mere 60 seconds.

Jan 2017 – Alicia Smith and a friend were invited to the 45th President’s Inauguration.

Here they are, in front of the Capitol

They found some SF guys

Spring Meeting and Christmas Party – 7 January 2017

John and Kathy Sosa

First Lady, Trudy Fetters with Tibor Bierbaum

Duane and Regina Daniels

Duane and Regina Guset

Richard and Alicia Smith

President For Life Dave Fetters with alias in background

Harry Smith and Franchett Bartlett

L-R: President Fetters, Vice President Sherd, Treasurer Reyes and Gloria Reyes

Iriash Palmer

President Fetters with Past President Laguire-Quinn

President Fetters with Past Presidents Frazer and Schrader

Treasurer Reyes wondering if I’ve paid my dues yet.

Oct 2015 Meeting – Lee & Bill Schrader

Oct 2015 Meeting – Guest Joe Sennabaum, Mike Jaciuk, Vincent E. & son Vincent D. Messina

Oct 2015 Meeting – Kirk in his new period perfect Tigers with host Dewey

Oct 2015 Meeting – Dave Fetters, Dewey, Kirk, Rich Smith “Good scotch!”

2015 Oct Meeting – Ballad of the Green Berets on horn by Mark Kincaid

2015 Oct Meeting – Kirk & Tim Leahy – maybe too much scotch!

5th SFG Reunion 2015- Dave Fetters & Steve Frazer at the indoor firing range

5th SFG Reunion 2015- George & Sally Sternberg, Dave Fetters, and Steve Frazer at the end of the table at the picnic

5th SFG Reunion 2015- Self explanatory!

Summer Campout 2015

Summer Campout 2015

Summer Campout 2015

Summer Campout 2015

Summer Campout 2015

Canadian Airborne Forces Association Chapter 17 on May 3, 2015 in Trenton, Canada left to right: Angelo DiLiberti. James Reppke. Dr Ed Hirsch. Mark Kincaid. Frank Burns. Richard Smith. Paul Scwimmer. Harry Smith. John Sosa. Andrew Brown. Joe Clyburn. James Jackson.

Special Forces Breakfast in Livonia, Michigan.  Left side: Joe Clyburn. James Jackson. Richard Smith. Mark Kincaid. Bob Slivatz. Right side: Andrew Brown. Dr. Ed Hirsch. Herman Kasoff. Frank Burns. Harry Smith. John Sosa.

Getting ready to leave Special Forces Breakfast in Livonia, Michigan.  James Jackson. Joe Clyburn. Mark Kincaid. Harry Smith. Richard Smith.

Vassar, MI
Memorial Day 2015

Vassar, MI
Memorial Day 2015

Dave & Trudy Fetters
Holland, MI
Memorial Day 2015

Wilfred “Moose” Mousseau’s Funeral

Dave Fetters & Kirk Newman as color guards for church service (Kirk is last in line with the SF Regimental flag).

Kirk Newman’s truck prior to the 2014 Detroit Veterans Day parade.

John Kravec attending 2LT Tiffany Kravec’s Engineer Officer’s Basic Course dining out.

John Kravec presenting Chapter LV golf shirt to COL Brent Deck and attending his change of command ceremony.

Dave Fetters & Dewey Laguire-Quinn conducting riverine operations.