For the eighth consecutive year, Armada High School’s FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) Team 1718, The Fighting PI, was awarded the most prestigious award in FIRST, the chairman’s award. This award is given to the FRC team that best embodies the purpose and goals of FIRST and acts as a role model for other teams. The team will next compete at the Troy district (March 31- April 1), and at the Michigan State Championship (April 12-April 15), where they will look to qualify for the FIRST Championship in St. Louis, MO (April 26- April 29). The Armada team is the defending state champion.

            Also, here is the link to Issue 13 of of Team 1718 Knockout News:  Issue 13

   Just to let you know.

   The Fighting PI had a Very Successful Weekend at the Troy District FRC Competition.

   We Played hard, and moved to the # 1 seed, and held that position for a while, before being pushed down. We had the best win loose record at the event with 10 wins and 2 loses, however, some other Teams managed to take advantage of the Ranking Point system, and forced us down to the 4th spot.

   Team 1718 moved to be the Captain of the 3rd Alliance, and won 2 of our 3 Quarter Finales, moving us to Semi Finales. The Fighting PI was eliminated in the Semi Finales.

   Team 1718 ended up Ranked 4th, and finished 5th in points for the Robot Portion of the Event.

   Team 1718 The Fighting PI Managed to nab the Engineering Inspiration Award (Considered Higher than Robot Winning of the event, and Considered to be 2nd place at an Event). We could not get the First Place Chairman’s Award as we already earned that Award in the Waterford District Competition.

  The Real Story of the Fighting PI’s Success actually was in the Pits.

   In the Pits the Question do the Mentors work on the Robot was Firmly Answered. Yes, Yes We DO. And the Kids do indeed learn from this hand in hand Mentor to Student Relationship, and this Showed Greatly in the Pits this past Weekend.

   The Fighting PI’s last pick during Alliance selection (Team 3096 – The Village Bulldogs) did not have any Climber at all on their Robot. During the lunch break between Alliance Selection, and the Quarter Finals, the Kids Applied What They Learned Throughout the Season, and Fabricated, Installed, Programmed, and Tested a Climber on this Robot (a feat that took most teams days to do). The Climber worked Extremely well, being tied for the second fastest climber at the event (they tied with Team 1718 – Team 910 The Foley Freeze had the undisputed Fastest Climber at Troy 910 is a FCA Sponsored Team). This Robot Climbed in every match until our Alliance was eliminated in the Semis.

    But this was only a small part of the Story in the Pits. Fighting PI Shirts could be seen working on no less than 4 robots from various Teams at the event.

    The True CAPSTONE of the event was the work done on the Rookie Robot of Team 6742 The Blue Jays. This Team signed up for FIRST late, and only worked on the robot for a couple of Days, before Bag Day, and did not understand the out of Bag Time Rules, so all they had was a pile of junk. This junk not only did not run, it was completely out of package. Team 1718 completely disassembled this junk, and started from Scratch with LITERALLY only a bucket of bolts to work with. The Students of the Fighting PI Pit Crew Fabricated a Complete Drive Train for Team 6742, to include proper sizing Drive chains, and Gear selection on the Transmissions. While the Fighting Pi was working on this Team 2337 The EngiNERDS (An FCA Sponsored Team) Built a Control Panel for the 6742 Robot, and Programed the Drive Controls. When the Fighting Pi had the Chassis Complete, and the Control board was installed, Team 245 The Adambots (another FCA Sponsored Team) Installed a Gear Delivery System.  

   I heard tell that the inspectors ran to Home Depot, and bought, and Built the Bumpers for the 6742 Robot).

   Team 6742 The Blue Jays ended up Ranked 27th, and 32nd in points, with a record of 5 – 6 and 0 (there was 41 teams competing at Troy this weekend)

  Not bad for only having a bucket of bolts, in the Pits on Friday morning.

   It should be noted that outside of the inspectors making Bumpers, this entire aide from 3 (Main) Teams came from Students – No Adults. And, this Robot was built in only a couple of hours, by these Kids.

   So again. To Answer the Question Do the Mentors Work on the Robot?? YES, YES We Do. We Work Hand in Hand with the Kids, and they Learn, and they Apply what they Learn.

   Thank You for the FCA Sponsorship. It is going to a Good Place, and in a Good Direction.

   The Kids are Learning, and Developing Nicely, into a Positive Future of our Country, and World.

   Thank You


  Team 1718 The Fighting PI

 Machining, Tools, and Build Mentor

       De Oppresso Liber


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