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News Updates:

Happy Veterans Day!

Our Fall meeting will be held at 1300 on 17 November 2018 at American Legion Post 282. Luker is the POC.  There will be a one hour shoot at 1000 at Ann Arbor Arms.  Lunch will be served at 1130 at the Legion.  There will be a motorcycle recon mission after the meeting.  Please see the event listing for details, or contact Luker.

The Special Forces Email system has been off line initially due to a problem with GoDaddy. Both our website and our email have been moved to a new provider platform. As you see, the website is up and running just fine. However, the email system still needs to be redone. I apologize for how long it has taken me to make that happen. That is a personal issue and not the fault of the platform. I will get the system rebuilt before the fall meeting.

Also, please be advised that the Spring 2019 meeting has been set for 6 Apr 19. Details are on the events page.

De Oppresso Liber


Special Forces Association Michigan Chapter 55 Mission Statement:

The mission of the Michael F. May Memorial Chapter is to unite all persons who are currently or have been assigned to the United States Army Special Forces. The chapter works to perpetuate the Special Forces traditions; to commemorate fittingly, the memory of Special Forces troops who have given or shall give their lives in defense of the Free World; to educate its members and the citizens of the United States in the development of Special Forces and to keep them aware of new developments in the field of Special Forces as is consistent with security regulations; to encourage a closer bond with other members of the chapter and friendly spirit of mutual cooperation; to advance and promote the general welfare and prosperity of chapter members and to improve by all lawful means their status and condition within their communities; to be a source of inspiration and esprit de corps for all Special Forces units.

  • If you are an active duty or former SF soldier not familiar with our SFA chapter and your first contact with us is online, we would be pleased to hear from you.
  • In brief, you should know the following about us: Chapter LV was established in 1991 and has provided outstanding service ever since. Our membership AO includes both the lower and upper peninsulas of Michigan as well as former SF’ers in West Virginia, Indiana, Georgia, Pennsylvania, northern Ohio, Florida, Illinois, and the United Kingdom.